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A sister wrote:

I will definitely ask my Muslim sisters to learn from your website. I have benefited and I would like others to benefit from it. I am still learning and have a long way to go.
You have been very helpful and indeed I am thankful that I get to spend an hour or so whenever possible on your website and learn about Islam.

New Muslim sister wrote:

Assalamu alaikom. I am a revert Muslim more than 3yrs now,& i was trying to search the internet for more lectures on Islam,& just now I came across of your website. I started hearing some of the topics and it is a great help,alhamdulillah! May Allah reward you all for these efforts u have made to spread these good teachings about Islam.

Brother from Finland wrote:

JizakaAllaahu kheyran brothers.   You make good job.

Suldaan Said
Helsinki Muslims, Finland

A sister wrote:

i make Dua to Allah about everything including asking for guidance and to increase me in knowledge, your website will be one way for me to do that insha'Allah.

Feedback by a sister from India:

assalamu alaikum, and all saawaab (reward) goes to this website that today after listening to Shaikh Ibrahim's lectures .. I got know what i'm? and what I were doing these many days? and finally HOW I SHOULD BE??!! TO MEET MY AAKHIRAT!!! JAZAKALLAH!!!!

Feedback by another visitor:

MASHA ALLAH. I visited this website today. I like it very much, I got really new information....
May you all live long with success in world and in eternity. ( AMEEN )

Feedback on the site by a brother:

I just want to commend you for the meritorious works being carried out on this website; I pray that Allah shall continue to guard you alright in all your endeavors (Aameen)! I really enjoyed the Friday Khutbahs, they are inspiring, educative, motivative etc. Thank you very much.

Masha Allah! An excellent job.

I am from South Africa and am a member of the Jamiatul Ulama. We have a website with many books that we use in the primary makaatib for downloads. If u wish u may download as many books as you wish and place them in your website.

May Allah Ta'ala accept your efforts and make it a means of attaining His everlasting pleasure. Aameen. 

Ismail Bayat, member of the Jamiatul Ulama, South Africa

Feedback on the site by a brother:

Assalamu alykum.  I just wanted to thank you for this great website and all the work that you have put into it.  I look forward to the time when I am able to [the free time to] browse through the site and learn new things.

feedback by a sister on the Ask Alimah forum:

JAZAKALLAH for this website, as I've been searching for some resources that a woman can use.  I do not feel comfortable contacting mufti's on the telephone for all my concerns.

I find the website Islameasy.org to be very useful for ordinary Muslims like myself. This is also a tool that any seeker of truth about Islam can use so conveniently. As a web based learning tool the site is very user friendly. This will allow people like myself to use the readily available pamphlets for doing the work of Dawah...

M. SaeedUr Rahman,
Chairman, One Ummah Foundation, Portland, OR.

The original website is very well designed and prepared for new Muslim education, and current additions would meet it's target even better. The resources are very carefully selected by authentic scholars and is well categorized...

Dr. Shujaat Husain, NJ

www.islameasy.org is designed to provide basic Islamic info in English & Spanish for everybody including new Muslims. All info is free to download & use. Please use it in your activities as a Chaplain...
Dr. A. Hye, Ph.D. Dawah worker, author and presenter, Houston, TX.

Respected Maulanas and dear brothers,

I am Omar Ribas from Spain. Today I have discovered your website and I am impressed with your da'wah work...

Omar Ribas - Barcelona (Spain)